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What are the different textures of carpet?

There are five basic styles of cut pile carpet: Velvet, Saxony, Frieze, Shag, and Cable, each provide a different look and texture. The primary difference among these styles is the amount of twist in the yarns that will ultimately influence the carpet's durability.

Does textured carpet wear well?

Textured rugs are worth consideration for high traffic areas and busy households. Tightly twisted yarns create durable carpets that can withstand even the toughest wear patterns.

Is textured carpet expensive?

TIf you're not ready to make that furniture upgrade but want some new carpets, then you've come to the right place. Check out these affordable yet durable carpets perfect for any home!

What is textured carpet made of?

We have the perfect carpet for any room! Visit us today to see our extensive selection of textures and styles!